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Complete Service Chain
SIEMPU acts as an extension of your own business, since we offer a complete service chain for our worldwide clients, from product sourcing, factory evaluation, order follow up, production planning and management, quality assurance, export documentation, to shipping control. We take care of all steps of the supply chain so that you can focus on your customers. Professionalism, experience and integrity have all earned SIEMPU a reputation as “a link to your company’s future.” We don’t rest until you’re satisfied.  
Product sourcing
With 3 holding factories and more than 15 joint-venture factories, we are able to source reliable products for our clients in time and at a competitive price. You will receive manufacturing quotations, cost analyses, and product samples from SIEMPU before you make final decisions. SIEMPU visits every factory to ensure that you will receive the exact and satisfactory products you need.
Order Follow Up
SIEMPU takes great pains to take care of every order placed by our clients. Once receiving your order, we will monitor the factories to put on production according to the sample confirmed by the clients, and will always keep our clients informed about the production status. Every detail of the products, including the quality, design, appearance and function, will be supervised by our professional employees. The labels and package will be conducted exactly according to your instructions. We visit the factories regularly to ensure that the products will be finished on schedule. A thorough inspection of the products and package will be carried out prior to the shipment.
We keep constant contact with our freight forwarders to make sure that you can receive your cargo on time and intact. When you receive the products, SIEMPU will still keep close contact with you to solve any dissatisfactions and problems you have. SIEMPU is always at your service until you get a satisfactory settlement. 
Quality Control
SIEMPU implements a strict quality control system in the factories, in the aspects of choosing appropriate raw material, monitoring production process, testing the products’ quality and package. Regular and thorough in-line inspections (IPQC) are performed by our quality controllers at every operation process to ensure that required quality standards are met. Third party quality audits are also carried out prior to shipment from the factory. Before shipment, we always carry out a final inspection and can submit an inspection certificate of the safety, design, function, appearance, and performance of the products if the clients require.
SIEMPU has established a very stable and reliable cooperative relationship with freight forwarders, who can arrange suitable shipping schedule for us and handle our cargoes properly. Supported by our F/F partner, we keep our clients informed about the shipping schedule, shipping advice and cargo tracing easily. Since the cargoes rest assured at the hands of our partner, you can receive your products on time free from worry.
Efficiency And Reliability
We are committed to meeting the high requirements of worldwide clients with competitive price, impeccable quality, reliable and timely delivery, and excellent service. Taking full advantage of modern technology, a dedicated extranet links all the key components of the supply chain together to provide tracking capabilities, streamline the flow of business information and provide much more granular control of supply chain activities. SIEMPU leverages its comprehensive market knowledge, experienced professionals, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art information systems to ensure that all orders are delivered on time, on budget, and come up to the exact requirements of our clients all over the world.
Product Expertise
With rapidly changing consumer tastes and millions of suppliers around the world, it's not an easy task to keep on top of the latest consumer trends. Through the past years’ cooperation with the suppliers, we have direct access to a huge range of new and diverse consumer goods. From water filtration equipment, Silicone kitchenware and Microfiber cleaning ware to outdoor leisure products and solar lights, our constantly expanding global sourcing network is the answer to your procurement needs. Moreover, we can provide customer-made products to our clients according to your drawings and specific requirements. We are able to turn your new ideas into reality with our comprehensive product development capabilities. SIEMPU is committed to providing satisfactory products to our clients with professional product expertise.
Responsible Compliance Measures
In light of China’s increasing global consumer scrutiny, SIEMPU adopts a strict compliance program ensuring the highest sourcing standards. We enforce a rigorous Supplier Code of Conduct, training our employees to gain global awareness, professional knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements. Systematic inspections, third party audits and comprehensive vender education we advocate ensure you receive satisfactory products.
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