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2. Directoryworld - http://www.directoryworld.net/
3, Manufacturersupply — url:http://www.manufacturersupplier.com
4. Industry Directory — http://www.guideindustry.com/

Resources and information websites, reading more …enjoy your visit on the site.
5. HotVsNot — url: http://www.hotvsnot.com
8. Yaowyhttp://www.yaowy.com
9. Iplink.namehttp://www.iplink.name/
10. Lokie babe readingshttp://www.lokie.cn/

12. Submit2ukdirectory http://www.submit2ukdirectory.com  open directory
15. Yellowlinker http://www.yellowlinker.com
16. Redlinker http://www.redlinker.com/
17. Activelinksdirectory http://activelinksdirectory.com/
18. Jorwang http://www.jorwang.com/
19. Olydirectory http://www.olydirectory.com/
21. Weboworld http://www.weboworld.com/
23. Mygreencorner http://www.mygreencorner.com/
24. Finest4 http://www.finest4.com/
26. Joinsociety http://www.joinsociety.com/
27. Freeonlinedirectoryexpress http://www.freeonlinedirectoryexpress.com/
28. Greylinker http://www.greylinker.com/
30. Datadubaihttp://www.datadubai.com/  UAE & dubai directory …
31. Wlinkerhttp://www.wlinker.com/
33. Addlink-onlinehttp://www.addlink-online.com
34. Linksitehttp://www.linksite.net/
35. Overcehttp://www.overce.com/
37. Ezeelinks http://www.psychicdirectory.co.uk/   ---   first.
39. Uniquetitles SMS Resellers India
40. Pakadtrader http://www.pakadtrader.com/
45. Goodwebsitedirectory http://www.goodwebdirectory.com/
46. Prolinkdirecotry http://www.prolinkdirectory.com/
47. Hotld http://www.hotld.com/
48. Gwiik http://www.gwiik.com/ Human Edited Directory
49. Directoryfuse http://www.directoryfuse.com
51. Uniquetitles http://www.uniquetitles.com/ collection of websites’ unique title
53. Greylinker http://www.greylinker.com/
54. Wincyspider http://www.wincyspider.com/
55. Brownlinker http://www.brownlinker.com/
55. Easylinkexchangehttp://www.easylinkexchange.co.uk
56. Ezeelinks http://www.ezeelinks.com  …
58. Pinklinker http://www.pinklinker.com
61. Directoryutopia http://www.directoryutopia.com/
62. Pakadtrader http://www.pakadtrader.com/
63. A2zonlinedirectory http://www.a2zonlinedirectory.com/
64. Orangelinkerhttp://www.orangelinker.com  …
67. Worldindexdirectoryhttp://www.worldindexdirectory.com/
71. Worlddirectorysiteshttp://www.worlddirectorysites.com/
73. Soviet-powerhttp://directory.soviet-power.com/
74. Allsitessortedhttp://www.allsitessorted.com/
75. Bestdirectory4youhttp://www.bestdirectory4you.com/
77. Wwebdirectoryhttp://www.wwebdirectory.com/
81. Fwebdirectoryhttp://www.fwebdirectory.com/
82. Realdirhttp://www.realdir.com/
86. Phpdirectoryhttp://www.phpdirectory.com/
87. Seofriendlydirectory4uhttp://www.seofriendlydirectory4u.com/
88. Linksguruhttp://www.linksguru.net/
89. Triplewdirectoryhttp://www.triplewdirectory.com/
91. Wzd http://www.wzd.in/
94. Owdirhttp://www.owdir.com/
95. Linkroohttp://www.linkroo.com/ 
96. SMS Gateway Indiahttp://www.smsgatewaycenter.com 
98. Loans Nethttp://www.loans.net 
99. Directory Fusehttp://directoryfuse.com/ 
Special thanks to:
Craft Site Directory http://www.craftsitedirectory.com/ - guide to arts & crafts on the internet.
2. Nichewebsitedirectoryhttp://www.nichewebsitedirectory.com/
3. Crochetandknitting http://www.crochetandknitting.com/ -- world of crochet people...
5. Euracadagrihttp://www.euracadagri.org
6. Webtoolhubhttp://www.webtoolhub.com
7. GotLinkshttp://www.gotlinks.com/
8. http://www.big.co.uk – The UK’s largest badge manufacturer
10. http://www.diyodp.com – Free Directory Submission
11. Businessdirectoryonline http://www.businessdirectoryonline.net

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