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Full lined butterfly valve
Full lined butterfly valve
Product Description

Product name: Full Lined butterfly valve
Size: 2"-60"

Pressure: 150LB

Material: Cast iron,Ductile iron,WCB, LCB,LCC, WC5,WC6,WC9,CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, ect
Connection: Wafer type,Lug type,Flange
Operate: Handwheel, Gearbox, Penumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator 

1,Conentric type or called middle line,
4,Seal with two way function,pressure,flow can be allowed to adjust freely.
5,The use of patented technology to have lined butterfly processing board, plastic and metal fluoride matrix closely with seamless, efficient scheduling to make laminated bubble, since the elimination of layers, cracks and other defects in process.

6,Seat with 360 degree radial sealing force elastic pad back to exert radial force, the automatic adjustment of deformation, a reliable guarantee for long-term use of state media with no leakage. Butterfly board, under the shoulder-axis multi-level flexible sealing load to achieve automatic compensation sealed so that the whole constitutes a shaft seal without gaps vice to ensure that no leakage of media.
7,Top flange ISO5211 for optional
8,Sealing materials have the advantages of anti-aging,corrosion resistant,long duration,etc
9,Strong wash and brush resistance and can fit to bad working condition.
10,Long service life 

Design and Manufacture:API609
Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34
Face to face(end to end):ANSIB16.10
End Connection: 2"-24" ASME B16.5; 26" -42" ASME B16.47; B.W end ASME B16.25
Test and inspection:API598

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